Disable CD/DVD or USB drive Autorun

Today i will show you how you can  disable Autorun of any removable drives such as cd, dvd, Pen drives

Please make sure that you don't allow any drive's autoplay on its own, specially for Usb drives. The reason is, along with Autorun files, USB drives containing viruses also get executed resulting in your computer may get affected by the malicious viruses or malwares .

So, here is the trick to do that..

Disable CD / usb Autorun / Autoplay

1) Click Start -> Run -> enter GPEDIT.MSC

     or shortcut for that ( window + R) ......be advanced than others......
2) Go to Computer Configuration, then-> Administrative Template,---> System.
3) Locate for Turn auto-play off (shortcut to locate ---- press (ctrl + f) and type which you want to locate). 

    Double click on it.
4) Click  Enable.
5) Now Select All Drives in order to disable all drives including
Cd Rom drive or only Usb drives .
6) Now click on apply.

7) You are done..

be advanced than others....

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