• How often do you copy any stuff from a CD/DVD?
    What do you usually do? You select the files and copy all those then Open the another folder and paste there.
  • But from today onwards you needn't do this useless work. All you need is to Customize your SEND TO MENU.
    This is damn simple. Yes, you can create your BASKET to keep all of your stuff in it.
  • First step is to make your hidden files visible. So, in order to do that Change the view setting to make the hidden files visible.
  • first go to Tools then  folder options then view (tab) and check the box show hidden files and folders.
  • Now go to parent drive: / document and setting /(your user name)/ send to
  • Open my computer ( window + E ) and locate the most used folder.
  • Now Create a shortcut of the most used folder in SEND TO FOLDER.
  • You can do all this in many ways.
    Right click -> send to desktop i.e create shortcut there and move that shortcut from your desktop to SEND TO FOLDER
    Copy the most used folder and then go to SEND TO FOLDER and then right click -> paste the shortcut.
  • Also remember to rename the shortcuts to send to video or send to pictures or any thing you make out of it so that no confusion will be there...

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