how to Play Games on computer without graphics card

Play Games on computer without graphics card<

Virtual Graphics Card

Why to by a costly graphics card when you can solve the need for free? Agp graphic cards, pci graphic cards video cards and their compatibility to our system is a big headache. Now i am going to explain How to play latest games without graphics card .
SHOCKED!!its true
There is software called 3danalyser that changes different graphic options under DirectX 8 and OpenGL. 3DA changes different CAP-bits.
For example, if a game requires HW T&L, 3DAnalyser emulates these bits and the games runs on graphic boards which dont have HW T&L capabilities. This means, advanced 3D Features the your old 3dCard is not capable of, are reported
as available in Hardware, but have their calls intercepted and therespective 3D Features will not be rendered .
Here is the download link:

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