• BIOS password is a trivial issue that if you are the device owner and can take your time.
  • First, there are large lists published to the internet of those master codes you are referring to, but more importantly
  • THE BIOS password is stored in a volatile memory that is supported by a CMOS battery (a Little watch battery looking thing the size of a washer.)
  • First you need to Remove your laptop's battery, then AC-adapter cord and finelly  pen the laptop and remove the CMOS battery.
  • Attempt to power it on a few times (Now Hold the power button for 50seconds or so, repeat) 
  • This is usually enough to drain all the residue charge from capacitors and finally wipe away the volatile memory. 
  • If it fails, do it again, and wait 24-48hours before putting any power back to the device
  • This is how you can change bios password easily...

be advanced than others....
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